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Avraham b. Chaim

Bernard b. Abraham

Ephim b. Ber

Joseph b. Joseph

Joseph b. Yehuda-Leib

Gerasim b. Joseph

Other Eliasbergs





The Unbroken Chain

Since several of the lines you are researching include rabbis, have you checked out Neil Rosenstein's THE UNBROKEN CHAIN? I just checked the index at the back of vol II of that book, and by Eliasberg there are several pages listed to check: 368-370, 391, 460, 502, 589-590, 731,879.

On 879, for example, there is a listing of the marriage of a Malka (daughter R. Jekutiel Zisl Rappaport of Minsk, marrying R. Jacob, son of R. Samuel Eliasberg of Eunitz.

Or, on 731, it mentions a Gitel, daughter of R. Elazar Landau, who married R. Samuel, son of R. Jedidiah Lipman Eliasberg of Eyvenitz and it even suggests bt this last name to "see Chapter V" of the book!

Chapter V covers pages 368-370, and looks like it even has a graphic genealogy chart with the name of Eliasberg.


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