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Family trees:

Avraham b. Chaim

Bernard b. Abraham

Ephim b. Ber

Joseph b. Joseph

Joseph b. Yehuda-Leib

Gerasim b. Joseph

Other Eliasbergs




  Elias(h)berg Genealogy Site

This site is dedicated to the genealogical research of the family-names:

  • Eliasberg
  • Eliashberg
  • Ellisberg
  • Elsberg
  • Haril

Our working assumption is that all Eliashbergs, Eliasbergs and Harels/Harelis are related. However, at this point, we neither can prove nor disprove it. Any help in reaching to conclusions regarding this matter would be highly appreciated. Recently other surnames have been added to our field of interest: Elsberg and Ellisberg. Whether all Elsbergs and Ellisbergs are related isn't clear.

The information on this site was collected from books, prenumerant lists of books, databases available on the Jewishgen website, submissions from all over the world and other genealogical sources.

Our research is mentioned at the site of the Lithuanian Special Interest Group. When you're looking for more information on shtetls and families from Lithuania, that's the place to be.

We want to thank everybody who already has participated in this project by submitting information about their ancestors and other relevant information about this remarkable family. Let's hope we will be able to connect all the separate branches of the family tree in the near future.

Please send us everything you've got on this family, no matter how vague or unrelated it might seem.


Contacts: Paul Eliasberg and Ruth Marcus; page last built on Sunday, 12 January 2020