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Family trees:

Avraham b. Chaim

Bernard b. Abraham

Ephim b. Ber

Joseph b. Joseph

Joseph b. Yehuda-Leib

Gerasim b. Joseph

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Joseph ELIASBERG (J.) (code: 14051848), born on 14-05-1848 in Paberze.

according to register The Hague:
born: 14-05-18148 in Pdabreze (Poland)

according to register Haarlem:
born: 15-05-1848 in Padbrzese (Russia)

Nationality: alien
lived in:

  • Haarlem from 1877/1878 until 29-05-1886
  • Delft until 23-02-1889
  • Beusichem until 21-08-1891
  • The Hague until 31-08-1911 (?)

left to Germany?

  • The Hague until 24-09-1923, coming from Mannheim
  • The Hague until 25-03-1926 (deceased)

Deceased om 25-03-1926 in The Hague, age 77
In het Joodse Oudemannenhuis.

Letter from archive Delft d.d. 7 oktober 1983:

Family left Delft for Beusichem on 23 februari 1889

Married to Maria Christiana ZIMMERLING (M.C.), geboren op 14-05-1850 te Hamburg Duitsland, overleden op 12-01-1918 te 's-Gravenhage op 67-jarige leeftijd.


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